​5 Ways to Freshen Your Curb Appeal

Posted by Kristin on Jan 31st 2022

​5 Ways to Freshen Your Curb Appeal

1. Add flowers
Put flowers in pots, in landscaping, in window boxes, with a wreath. Bring life and color to the space. Flowers are a simple, yet effective, way to say fresh and new.

2. Paint
Paint your front door, garage doors, shutters, trim. For only $30, paint can transform your house, even without using a bold color. Simply going up or down a shade can breathe new life into your exterior. Or, try a sleek black on your garage doors for high-end charm.

3.Update your house numbers
House numbers are the one feature every guest actually looks for. Leave behind whatever generic type came with your house. Select house numbers cohesive with your unique style. Dropcap Studio offers 150 fonts in a variety of colors and sizes complete with easy-to-use installation instructions. You can start right now by e-mailing a photo of your house to hello@dropcapstudio.com and allowing their designers to create options specifically for you.

4.Clean it up
Prune the trees, weed the flower beds, put away the kids’ bikes, sweep the dirt clods and pebbles. Reveal your exterior and walkway from under the chaos. Use a hoe to sharpen the edge of your flower beds. Power-wash the concrete, the siding, the windows. Give your house the facelift it deserves with nothing more than elbow-grease.

5.Don’t forget the mailbox
A mailbox could be a boring, forgotten necessity or the cherry on top of a cohesive, unique style. Make sure it represents you. Spray paint it for fresh color and shine. Add vinyl letters and numbers for visual interest. Dropcap Studio can help with stickers in any font, any size, and any color.