Anodized Gold Didot Ampersand

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Easily add some life to a shelf, desk, or wall. A modern typeface, you can quickly spot it being used in most any fashion magazine (think Vogue). With truly timeless forms, Didot is a well-crafted typeface that is here to stay. Made from 1.5-inch thick custom cast anodized aluminum, this ampersand has high and abrupt contrast between thick and thin strokes, making it uniquely identifiable. Set it on a shelf or table, or if you want to mount it to a vertical surface, it comes equipped to do that as well with supplied float mount posts.

  • 6-inch height
  • 1.5-inch thickness
  • Solid cast aluminum construction
  • Directionally Brushed on face
  • Anodized color process
  • Clear coat finish
  • Blind stud mounts included for optional wall mounting
  • Rated for use indoors or outdoors
  • 3-week custom made to order timeframe
  • Lasts longer than you, guaranteed