Where O Where Do My House Numbers Go?

free time on a weekend morning. You go outside to install your house numbers only to realize you have no idea where to put them.

It’s a common problem, and every home is unique. What works for your neighbor might not work for you. Always check to see if there are any local guidelines or neighborhood covenants, but if not, we’ve got five steps to finding the perfect place for your perfect numbers.



Higher than 4.5 ft., lower than 6ft


Make sure you’re happy

The first and most important step is visibility. You want to make sure that your home’s numbers can be seen from the road. Don’t hide those beauties under a tree, bush, or columns. It is also good to have your numbers under or near a light source for dark evenings, because what use are house numbers if the pizza delivery person can’t find your home at 10 pm?

Next is symmetry. You want your numbers to line up with other visual cues on your house. Things like windows, door knockers, porches, doorbells, mailboxes, should all be evenly spaced, and line up without crowding. If your numbers are off-center it will throw everything else off balance.

Your third step is getting the height right. Typically house numbers are hung from 4.5 ft to 6 ft This is well within the average person’s visual plane, and makes the numbers easily seen. Avoid installing your numbers extremely low (think the bottom of a door) or unusually high (over a garage door).

This next one isn’t a hard and fast rule, but typically houses have the house numbers to the right of the door. This can only get you so far though and isn’t law, so if your home would look better with the numbers on the left, go for it.

Finally, do what makes you happy. If you don’t like where your house numbers are, change it. Don’t worry about what the neighbors are doing, or what others might think.  If you are happy with the placement, then you’ve found the perfect spot.

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