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Color. Everyone has a favorite, and everyone has an opinion. With almost endless options, using color in home decor can be intimidating. Neutrals are safe and have their place, but can often feel boring, and stuffy without a punch of color to break it up. The exterior of your home is where you can get the biggest impact, but can also be the most intimidating. When picking a house color for your home we have a few suggestions.

Start small:                                                                                               A door with an unusual color can instantly give an entire home a shot of energy. This home is completely neutral except for the pastel purple door.

This next home takes it a step further by taking the bright pink door and pulling in a few matching accessories, all in the same shade as the door.

This would be easy to replicate using any color, which leads to my next suggestion…

Use your favorite colors as a starting point:
Pastel purple isn’t your thing? No problem. Your home should be a place you love to be, not to mention love to see. Choose a color you love, or that makes you happy, calm, relaxed, energized...whatever adjective you want your home to evoke.

Keep within a color palette:
Now, once you have narrowed down your favorite colors, that doesn’t mean you can throw a rainbow of color at your home. To keep things looking planned and intention, stick to a color palette. You can find inspiration for a color palette anywhere. Pinterest, nature, other homes, a favorite book, picture, or artwork. Find something that includes colors and neutrals, and use it as a reference point.

You can see in this photo that although there is a lot of color going on, it is all cohesive and well planned out. The purple trim plays nicely with the surrounding paint colors and plants.

Lastly, find unusual ways to add a splash of color:

Unconventional and unexpected pops of color are sometimes the most fun and effective. Consider painting your porch ceiling a soft blue (often called haint blue),

Or even planting complimentary shrubs or vines by the front door, and let the vegetation do the work.

Our favorite way to add color to your exterior is by adding colorful house numbers. Sometimes a home needs that pop that simple black or silver numbers can’t offer. Colorful house numbers allow you to match your numbers to your door, like the photo below.

It’s the simple things, but if you start small, stick to a color palette, and look for unconventional ways to add color, you will find it easy to update your house colors.

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